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The key to successful careers and a fulfilled life

26 Mar

That’s right, I am going to share this essential key, per gratis, because I think it’s so essential to all young professionals (defining young is up for your own interpretation), and the best part, you probably already have all the resources you need to incorporate this into your daily, weekly, and/or monthly life!

The essential piece to add to your life to develop a successful, challenging, enjoyable, and fulfilled life and career is… LEGEN… wait for it… DARY!  LEGENDARY! Okay, that’s not it but I couldn’t help but using it after watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother as a reward for 3 hours of thesis work… I digress… but this key is so legendarily simple…

The key is to find and add an active MENTOR to your life.

Just in the past weekend alone it became clear to me the amazing benefits of the many fantastic mentors I have/have had in my life, all of which have positively contributed to my progression since my youth.

Later in the week I will have a follow-up post with a formula for finding a perfect mentor for whichever chapter of your life you may be in right now … check back soon!


I wonder, did Barney Stinson have a mentor?


Thesis Revival Mission – Day 2

19 Mar

Results of day 1- 1. Completed the understanding expectations outline and sent to advisor. 2. Revised the timeline and sent to advisor. 3. Rewrote abstract! 4. Learned 2 new words that I love! (personal accomplishment haha) 5. Went to bed early!

Okay, not the most accomplished day I’ve ever had but I’m off to a promising start!

Day 2 has been complicated to say the least. There is a career fair tomorrow so most of today has been spent preparing for that. Ill let it go this time but hopefully Day 3 will allow more time to be spent on thesis.

The success ratio has completely inversed because of this whole “prepare for life after school” game! :p


… Cat-nap time!

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