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Thesis Revival Mission – Day 1

18 Mar

#ThesisRevivalMission Day 1…. @ChynaTeresa

I’ve been all about thesis rewrite this past few days… thinking more than doing, unfortunately – but that’s all about to change! Thankfully, today after my chiro appointment, I was enlightened… the espresso and hot oatmeal breakfast probably helped!

I am so excited about the topic, the content, the experiment and everything surrounding my thesis, but I keep putting other things as higher priority… why, you ask? Well, thing is, after I finish the thesis my life becomes an adult life, which I previously thought meant I could no longer learn and would just fall into the monotony of waking up, drinking coffee, going to work, eating dinner, watching mindless TV, and passing out to wake up to the same thing tomorrow.

But then it hit me!!! I have so many great opportunities ahead of me that don’t necessarily involve such monotony! For example, Wednesday there is a career fair at my university and an ideal employer is going to be there. This business inspires me so much – I must work for them (and also, update my website, keep more active on this blog, organize my killer tangible work-related successes and present to them… by Wednesday). I won’t let this take priority over my thesis this week though, although these things will get probably just as much time, if not more today and tomorrow.

I digress. Overall, I was inspired to stop dragging my feet on thesis and to do so I’ve decided that in order to do so, I must incorporate my greatest distractions into the action plan of pure thesis-work this month and next.

How will I do this, you ask? I’m going to use social networking – Twitter specifically! Crazy? No! (Well, maybe yes, but I consider this idea to be brilliant!) What I’m going to do is utilize my main distractions (Twitter, Instagram, Reading blogs) as motivational tools by using a hash tag to mark my progress for myself, my advisor and the world! I consider it a side experiment, in which I can eventually make a student-inspiration theoretical model and sell the idea to Harvard. Maybe this is the espresso speaking. I really do think utilizing social networking as a motivation for my thesis to progress might solve the problem of wanting to get on there when I hit writers block to see what everyone else is doing.

In summation, I will use Twitter as a tool to successful tweet, read blogs, track thesis progress and do a little bit of writers block slacking from my thesis.

I welcome anyone to cheer me on… or to catch me slacking! 🙂 Promise, I won’t get mad!



My blog.

29 Nov

Piacere, wonderful world of Blogging!

I have been wracking my brain for a while trying to figure out what topic I feel passionate enough about to revisit weekly with new and fresh related posts for this blog. I have been told that I should write about some topic in which I am an expert. The only thing I have realized since my brainstorming began is that I tend to be a semi-expert in a variety of topics at one time or another, then move onto something new. In the process, I perfect whatever project I take on for this brief period of time. To write about all of these topics  would be pointless, and make me seem a bit more scattered that I like to think I am. Therefore, I think the most logical topic to blog about would be the one in which I have studied for 5-6 years, hold membership in 3+ related societies, and have multiple intellectual crushes on experts in the same field, many of them dead – Communications!

For a Communication Grad Student (all completed except my thesis – look for it in Communication and Mass Media Complete in your university database come Summer 2013) I must say, indecision and lack of logical articulation relating to concepts surrounding myself come very sparse, contrary to what one might assume. I digress.

Welcome to my new blog – Cultivated Communication Connoisseur! Stay tuned – next blog I will excite you with my take on Aristotle’s Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in the 22nd Century and tell you a bit about myself too!

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