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Just a steady beating heart, a wish, and a prayer!

11 Jan

… Yup, it’s thesis time again.

I’m back at it after what seemed like a roller coaster of 2 years of ineffective writing, organization, and unrealistic goals. My emotions were too deeply involved in this paper after my grandfather passed away in 2012, who always would tell me “Get all the education you can, no one can ever take that away from you, Chyna!” Now, this paper shouldn’t take more than 2 months to complete (theoretically anyway) since I’ve written one that had been deemed ‘graduate level work’ in undergrad. But here I am. Thesis not complete – STILL!

Instead of beating myself up like I have been in the past, I’m taking a more active approach, looking for inspirations, and just getting this thing done!! I am finished dealing with the emotional roller coaster I let thesis become from 2012 – 2013. No more deep insights followed by moments of ecstasy, which initiated moments of despair that led to apathy. Pretty crazy stuff it was. Once I was able to look at this from an outsiders perspective I realized this toxic cycle was enough for me. December 2013 brought this on, not sure why, I just thank God! Now, I have a clear plan, a realistic timeline, and a great support system of family, friends, advisors, and a great motivational music compilation to keep me going – and plans to prevent this cycle from repeating again. Lil Wayne’s Tie My Hands was inspiration while I wrote my UG thesis – and so again, I revert to it to keep me going! Blog posts will follow more regularly again regarding the usual – thesis, football, life, kittens, insightful lists of random things, you know, a few of my favorite things!

I end this quote-post with the promise, and hope of good things to come beginning this month! Also, for the record, I’m betting on the Saints (underdogs come through when it’s down to the wire like this!), the Luck-y Colts, the 9ers, and the Broncos for this weekend’s Playoff wins. Some of these are more hopeful than realistic, but I’ve been 2/3 so far – and I think my odds are due to improve!

What has this month/new year made anyone else realize or inspire to accomplish?!


“Yes I know, the process is so much stress, but it’s the progress that feels the best!” -Lil Wayne, Tie My Hands from Tha Carder III


Fun Fact Friday on Saturday!

10 Feb

Since I didn’t post this yet, the below “Fun Fact Friday” is delivered today, Saturday!

It’s the week-long awaited Fun Fact Friday! So, here are this weeks learning lessons and fun facts!

1. Even though in the winter months (especially in the northeast) sometimes we might forget, getting outside for at least 30-minutes to exercise can give your day a fantastic start, both from getting up early to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors and from getting your metabolism going strong! I also find I have more energy throughout the ready of the day…

2. Exercise in the AM is great… But if you have the choice between losing a few hours of sleep (less than 6-9 hours, or whatever your normal pattern is) or hit the gym/outside it is best to skip the exercise and get your deep sleep!

3. You can negotiate furniture sales like you haggle with a car dealer! This was entertaining to watch as my mother and I looked for a new couch… And who knew? Well, I sure didn’t!

4. Jeopardy teaches you a lot… Of useful or horribly unuseful, yet amusing information!

5. Shamrock shakes are back at McDonalds haha I always get excited to learn of this, yet I do not drink them. Weird, I know!

6. I feel so much better when I drink between 7-10 glasses of water a day! You might too- try it!

7. The National Football League has supported Breast Cancer Awareness in October since at least 2009 when ref flags were colored pink and each willing to participate team held their own fundraising and/or awareness events! 🙂

8. TV is such a distraction in a small house… The library serves as nice alternate location! *obvious, yes, but it took me too long to remember this!*

9. Having to be someone your not around a group of people, whether friends, relatives, co-workers or otherwise takes more energy than it’ll ever be worth! Realizing this, however can take a long time… Lesson- be yourself no matter what. As the saying goes, or something of the sorts….

Be yourself. Those that matter won’t mind and those that mind most certainly don’t matter!

🙂 .happy weekend. (:




Lights out!

4 Feb

I am more than excited about this Superbowl game, now after the blackout. Things are evening out as the Ravens lose their powerful momentum and the 49ers change their mental focus.

For the record, I think a IT-school college student, SF fan was behind the lights out. Just saying!

>insert suspicious face


“Avoid Twitter” – advice to Super Bowl players

29 Jan

“Avoid Twitter”-advice to Super Bowl players.

Interesting! I think I ought to take this advice while in thesis-mode from last week until February 28th. Then again, I need a break every once in a while… but that’s what the gym is for!

Seriously considering temporarily de-activating my Facebook for the time being though… Can she do it? Hmm. Time will tell!

Good Luck Super Bowl Players! I’m excited for the game, even though my favorite’s not playing #BillsMafia #Go49ers

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