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How do you wrap your head around going “backwards” in life to move forward?

29 Jan

As I review my review of literature for my thesis tonight, I have realized that I need to revert back to my outline and review, rewrite, and revise a lot! #boo

This brings me to a topic I was recently speaking about with a dear friend –

How do you wrap your head around going “backwards” in life to move forward?

Even though I have been at my thesis for too long now, I know going backwards, thought it is time consuming and feels like I am losing ground, really is necessary for me to move forward with it… at least in a direction that is more direct, concrete and interesting!

And, such is life.

It sometimes is important to stop, take a step out of your own shoes and look at the direction of own your life from an outsiders perspective. I know it killed me having to leave the city in which I went to college and, so it felt, move backwards to save money – moving back home with mom. Turns out, this has been a great opportunity for me to look at the direction in which my life was heading… and made me realize that perhaps I was not heading in a clearcut direction for my career while living in that city. At least not quite the direction that was right for me just out of grad school. In other words, I was thinking that my life needed to follow the path similar to my peers. In reality, this was silly. Everyone has their own path to follow, no two are exactly the same!

While I am still trying to figure my vocation and path out, I don’t regret moving “backwards” to help me re-evaluate my thesis or my life!

I invite any readers to offer their own experiences in moving backwards in life, on a project, or anything related and share how it worked out, or didn’t and what you learned! 🙂

Fall for anything… inspiring!

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