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Vote for Andre for Hall of Fame

11 Jan

Vote, vote, vote!

Inside The Bills

Bills fans have the opportunity to let their voice be heard and win something for themselves in the process.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame will provide NFL faithful with the unique opportunity to vote exclusively for the Class of 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame nominees for induction by simply logging on to vote for the 15 finalists they feel are most deserving for enshrinement.
During the voting period (ending Feb. 1, 2014), fans will be able to hear and read about the 15 modern-day finalists via digital content.  Fans will also be given the chance to enter a sweepstakes for a trip to Enshrinement Weekend among other prizes.
So vote early and often for Bills Wall of Famer and now eight time Pro Football HOF finalist Andre Reed right here 


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Where Moorman feels he’s better than ever

11 Jan

“Moorman had the second-highest recorded hang time in the NFL this past season at 5.5 seconds.” 🙂

Inside The Bills

Bills punter Brian Moorman, who just re-signed with the club Friday, is going to be entering his 14th NFL season this fall. And fortunately for him the area of his game where he feels he’s better than ever is the number one requirement head coach Doug Marrone and special teams coordinator Danny Crossman are looking for in their punter.

In an interview that will be heard on the John Murphy Show tonight (7-9 pm ET), Moorman feels there is a part of his game where he’s performing better now than he ever has.

“Personally I think hang time and fair catches,” he said. “Coming in that’s what coach Marrone and coach Crossman really wanted. Going back and looking at my tape and charting my kicks and what I did good and what I did bad I compare this year even to my tape from when I went to the…

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Just a steady beating heart, a wish, and a prayer!

11 Jan

… Yup, it’s thesis time again.

I’m back at it after what seemed like a roller coaster of 2 years of ineffective writing, organization, and unrealistic goals. My emotions were too deeply involved in this paper after my grandfather passed away in 2012, who always would tell me “Get all the education you can, no one can ever take that away from you, Chyna!” Now, this paper shouldn’t take more than 2 months to complete (theoretically anyway) since I’ve written one that had been deemed ‘graduate level work’ in undergrad. But here I am. Thesis not complete – STILL!

Instead of beating myself up like I have been in the past, I’m taking a more active approach, looking for inspirations, and just getting this thing done!! I am finished dealing with the emotional roller coaster I let thesis become from 2012 – 2013. No more deep insights followed by moments of ecstasy, which initiated moments of despair that led to apathy. Pretty crazy stuff it was. Once I was able to look at this from an outsiders perspective I realized this toxic cycle was enough for me. December 2013 brought this on, not sure why, I just thank God! Now, I have a clear plan, a realistic timeline, and a great support system of family, friends, advisors, and a great motivational music compilation to keep me going – and plans to prevent this cycle from repeating again. Lil Wayne’s Tie My Hands was inspiration while I wrote my UG thesis – and so again, I revert to it to keep me going! Blog posts will follow more regularly again regarding the usual – thesis, football, life, kittens, insightful lists of random things, you know, a few of my favorite things!

I end this quote-post with the promise, and hope of good things to come beginning this month! Also, for the record, I’m betting on the Saints (underdogs come through when it’s down to the wire like this!), the Luck-y Colts, the 9ers, and the Broncos for this weekend’s Playoff wins. Some of these are more hopeful than realistic, but I’ve been 2/3 so far – and I think my odds are due to improve!

What has this month/new year made anyone else realize or inspire to accomplish?!


“Yes I know, the process is so much stress, but it’s the progress that feels the best!” -Lil Wayne, Tie My Hands from Tha Carder III

Kiko’s 22 tackles the most in a while

14 Oct

❤ hugest crush on him … 🙂 disappointed he had to work so hard yesterday – D wasn't doing as well as I noticed in past games… but I feel that things are going to change soon about that!!

Inside The Bills

Kiko Alonso posted a career-high 22 tackles in Sunday’s overtime loss to Cincinnati. It’s been a while since a Bills player posted that many takedowns in a single game.

Damien Covington was the last linebacker to post 22 tackles in a game. He did it against Denver back on Oct. 26 in the 1997 season. The only other Bills player with 20 tackles or more in a game since 1994 was London Fletcher, who did it twice (10/10/04 at N.Y.J. & 11/13/05 vs. K.C.).

Da’Norris Searcy also had a pretty solid game posting a career-high 16 tackles, including a team-leading three for loss.

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Rolling up sacks

14 Oct

I still feel as though we are going to have a fantastic turnaround… stay tuned for more predictions this week with data to back it! 🙂

Inside The Bills

Buffalo’s sack total is on a solid run so far this season. The Bills through their first six games now have a total of 21 quarterback takedowns after posting three more sacks Sunday. It’s a pace that has only been matched by a couple of other teams in Bills history.

There have only been two other times that a Bills defense has rolled up 21 sacks or more in their first six games of the a season. Back in 1964 they had 26 sacks in their first six games and in 1995 they had 21.

In 1964 the Bills won the AFL title and in 1995 the Bills won the AFC East title.

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What Does an Instructional Technologist Do?

14 Oct

Love this… very straightforward explanations of what my job entails! Thanks!

The Instructional Technologist's Blog

Whats one of the first questions someone asks you upon meeting you for the first time…what do you do?  When I tell people that I’m an Instructional Technologist, I often get this look of bewilderment with their eyebrows raised and the next question I get is, what’s that?  I think the most important part of my title is actually the instructional part.  Technology, of course, is part of my job, but the instructional part is what makes it all worth while for me.  So, to answer the question, what does an instructional technologist do…

  • Evaluate new technologies to discover new and better ways to enhance instruction
  • Assist faculty in discovering methods of improving their instruction with and without technology
  • Conduct training sessions teaching faculty and staff how to use new technologies
  • Conduct research studies evaluating the use of technologies and their impact on student learning outcomes
  • Create training materials to…

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Every atom of y…

15 May

Every atom of your flesh is as dear to me as my own: in pain and sickness it would still be dear.
-Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre


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