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Just a steady beating heart, a wish, and a prayer!

11 Jan

… Yup, it’s thesis time again.

I’m back at it after what seemed like a roller coaster of 2 years of ineffective writing, organization, and unrealistic goals. My emotions were too deeply involved in this paper after my grandfather passed away in 2012, who always would tell me “Get all the education you can, no one can ever take that away from you, Chyna!” Now, this paper shouldn’t take more than 2 months to complete (theoretically anyway) since I’ve written one that had been deemed ‘graduate level work’ in undergrad. But here I am. Thesis not complete – STILL!

Instead of beating myself up like I have been in the past, I’m taking a more active approach, looking for inspirations, and just getting this thing done!! I am finished dealing with the emotional roller coaster I let thesis become from 2012 – 2013. No more deep insights followed by moments of ecstasy, which initiated moments of despair that led to apathy. Pretty crazy stuff it was. Once I was able to look at this from an outsiders perspective I realized this toxic cycle was enough for me. December 2013 brought this on, not sure why, I just thank God! Now, I have a clear plan, a realistic timeline, and a great support system of family, friends, advisors, and a great motivational music compilation to keep me going – and plans to prevent this cycle from repeating again. Lil Wayne’s Tie My Hands was inspiration while I wrote my UG thesis – and so again, I revert to it to keep me going! Blog posts will follow more regularly again regarding the usual – thesis, football, life, kittens, insightful lists of random things, you know, a few of my favorite things!

I end this quote-post with the promise, and hope of good things to come beginning this month! Also, for the record, I’m betting on the Saints (underdogs come through when it’s down to the wire like this!), the Luck-y Colts, the 9ers, and the Broncos for this weekend’s Playoff wins. Some of these are more hopeful than realistic, but I’ve been 2/3 so far – and I think my odds are due to improve!

What has this month/new year made anyone else realize or inspire to accomplish?!


“Yes I know, the process is so much stress, but it’s the progress that feels the best!” -Lil Wayne, Tie My Hands from Tha Carder III


My Career – TBD

26 May

As I see my confirmation sponsoree (I don’t think there is a word for this, if there is enlighten me by all means) gets ready to graduate from high school, I am beginning to create her gift – a mini scrapbook of her path through life thus far. As I leave the last few pages blank for her to fill in as she finishes college, I find myself reflecting on the path I took to get where I am today. While creating this gift, I realize there is so much I wish I had known at 17 when I was preparing to enter college… But since my time machine is still on the fritz, I’ll just share some good advice here – maybe a few graduates will read it and be enlightened themselves!

  • Take every piece of advice you receive now with a grain of salt
    Just because something is right for another person – and they assure you that is will be for you too – it really doesn’t mean it is. Majoring in what your parent majored in doesn’t necessarily mean you will live the same life they did, especially in this economy. If that is where your heart tells you to go, then by all means follow in mom or dad’s footsteps! But if you are doing it just because it’s easier than figuring it out for yourself, think twice. This is true for other things too, not just for your college major. For me, I listened to what individuals told me to avoid in college, what path to follow from freshman year to sophomore year, etc. and didn’t realize until probably a bit later than I would have liked, that these people didn’t even go to college. Their word was just opinion. Bad opinion. Not relevant at all for me. Granted, I wish I had taken some advice that I ignored (such as, get to the gym and limit the dining hall visits your freshman year), but that I had to learn on my own. Over all, simply keep in the back of your mind the concept that words from someone else are meant to be reconstructed for better application to your own life… so don’t take them as gold.
  • Salt will dehydrate you
    This is for the freshmen too. Limit your use of salt, especially when you first experience ‘life on your own’ and the party-scene of college. I became dehydrated at least 3 times through my undergraduate degree, two of which required me to go to the ER. I wasn’t drinking enough water, eating/drinking eat-out or ‘on-the-go’ snacks high in sodium, taking too many exercise classes, and not taking care of my body. When I was hungry, I ate what was cheapest and easiest to locate. Not only was this bad for my health, but it was also not smart for my finances. I wish I had packed a lunch more often in my first two years of school… even just having a snack packed for long days is a great idea! Try any of these high protein, low cal snacks!
    So, besides limiting the salt intake (check the sodium content of things, especially packaged foods and drinks), listen to your body, drink more water, and eat a semi-balanced diet. This will be one sure way to avoid a claustrophobic, germ-infested trip to the ER! 🙂
  • Don’t do what you were told to do in high school
    As far as doing your homework – okay, then do what your high school teachers told you, but when doing your homework, keep an open mind. Explore topics related or not to what you are interested in. Don’t be afraid to learn something new (if time allows and you are not cramming for a “forgotten assignment”). My freshman year, I was so worried about keeping my GPA as high as possible that I missed a lot of opportunities to learn about topics relating to my major. Hindsight is 20-20, but I still think if I had more of an open mind and had investigated more subjects that were of interest, I wouldn’t have changed my major as much and might have been more able to focus on what would make me happy once I entered the workforce. 🙂

Well, again, take all of this with a grain of salt, but overall, enjoy college, step out of your comfort-zone every so often, ask MANY questions, and have fun! 🙂



Inspiration Wednesday #ThesisRevivalMission

3 Apr

Excited for August!

Since my #thesisrevivalmission has been delayed (not to my surprise…) I have a new REALISTIC goal…

Complete my thesis by the 95th 2013 PGA Championship at the Oak Hill Country Club… or I can’t attend 😦

After having been offered an interview with the PGA, and having turned it down because another job came up first that I committed to, I figured attending the Championship game in Rochacha (Rochester, NY) can be my reward for “getting thesis done, defended and submitted to 2 conferences (NCA? and ICA)“.

In the meantime, I might even take golf lessons so I can do more than volunteer as the “shot girl” at the J.P. Tracy Golf Tourney this summer 😉 Oh, I should write about that too!

So much to write about, so little time!

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