Thesis… and finding motivation!

3 Mar

Well, I have been at my Masters Thesis for far too long now. I guess considering the fact that I have changed the topic (and research, hypotheses, etc) at least 7 times is partially to blame, but that indecision and love for everything is for an entirely different post! But with all that time that has past, I am losing much motivation at the most essential times. I know a lot of poeple have this issue so I wanted to present some steps/tools I am using to get through it to maybe help someone else!

1. Find the root cause of your lack of motivation!
I think that for me, it has been based on the fact that once I get this thesis done, I will be moving onto a new, exciting and quite frankly horrifying phase of my life. Once I realized this was a big block for me, I have taken steps to prepare myself for what is to come, on the side, while I get thesis done. For example, I allow myself 25 minutes of research into potential opportunities that I intend to persue after my degree is “officially” complete for each 4 hours of effective research and/or writing I complete for thesis. Try it… eventually it helps!

2. Plan… like it’s your business!
Before I came up with the root cause of my lack of motivation, I found myself going in circles and always ending up on Hopelessness Street. No good came from that! In an effort to combat the circular, time-wasting motion, I wrote up a business plan… that’s right, a business plan to plan the path of my thesis endeavor. After all, the format for making a business plan seemed perfect for keeping me on task.

3. Re-evaluate your plan.My business plan idea was time consuming when I ended up changing my thesis topic over and over again, so to lessen the time it took me to write a new business plan each time, I decided just to re-evaluate my goals, tactics and tools of the first plan. I also did used the “Replace” tool a bit in MS Word to change the topic, but the re-evaluation idea, though now it seems so obvious, was the greatest benefit of my time – it helped keep me on task, focused and gave me a path to follow!

4. Find comfort in your work(place).
Finally, the biggest key for me, besides revising my daily schedule to include a 4-hour period in which I was ONLY allowed to do thesis research, was to find a location to do the work! I tried my room, the basement of my mothers house, my friends house, the library, school’s library (which was over 45-minutes away so it only lead to frustration wasting that time/gas money) and local cafe’s. Finally, I realized that I just needed to figure out the setting in which I was most in my research-mode. For me, that was somewhere I could wear work clothes or sweats. Somewhere that had human contact, but not too much that I’d get distracted – after all, being a Communication major just naturally makes me love talking! I also needed a place that had windows and coffee options. Turned out for me, that place was Tim Hortons! Luckily, there are a bunch of them nearby and even more just 20-minutes away!

Well, those were some of my re-motivational tips for today!

Till next post, Vive bene. Beve molto. Sorridi sempre.



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